The story of civilizations across the globe makes you see the crucial and sometimes painful lessons.

Historical studies help you appreciate the historical roots of hostilities as well as conflict that led to and occasionally, still spark the current disputes. We calculated the socioeconomic status of the geographic area of GPs offices by using an index called the European Deprivation Index (EDI). Examining The Roman Empire shows how a civilization can rise to fame and then decline. The distance of gynecology facilities was determined by calculating their distance from the offices of GPs (in order to alter the distance of gynecology facilities using EDI as well as the performance of smears performed by doctors GP).

The reason for this is due to politics and social issues, in addition to external influences. The number of Gynecologists within 5 kilometers of a doctor’s service office was related to the CCS rate rising by 0.31 percent for each increment in the number of gynecologists within 5km ( p. The pattern of a society’s rising and falling can be traced to a variety of other world societies. Introduction.

History Repeats. CC is usually preceded by neoplastic lesion that last for a long time before it reaches a cancerous stage. If you don’t research the background of the world’s civilizations, as well as how things took place in the past you are at risk of repeating the same mistakes. This gives the possibility to avoid cancer through the screening process and earlier intervention. Studying the same issues from the past gives you a way to tackle the challenges and aspirations that face the world right now.

The most commonly used screening test includes the Papanicolaou test (Pap-test) through cytologic analysis of cervical smears. The information you learn from historical research can help you discover solutions to global problems. This calls for a gynecological exam.

For instance even though America lost the Vietnam War, the U.S. attempts to regulate the actions of the Middle East today, using the same method which failed during the 1960s and 1970s. For the purpose of implementing the cervical cancer detection (CCS), French health authorities recommend a Pap-smear once every 3 years for women aged between the ages of 25 and 29 of age , following two normal Pap-smears at the beginning of each year. Past Lessons. In the year 2019, the same authorities suggest an HPV test every five years for women between 30 to 65 years old In the event of a positive results, a cytology test must be obtained. Cynthia Smith, history professor at the University of Hawaii, suggests that when you study history and compare to learn the factors that made a difference, as well as what didn’t , and the reasons. If the test is negative, screening, it is recommended to do the test every year, following the same process (5).

The story of civilizations across the globe makes you see the crucial and sometimes painful lessons. The results of the screening in France in 2017, CCS is "opportunistic" with the exception of 13 departments that were testing an experimental scheduled screening. Wisdom is gained through understanding that results in positive results. The screening rate isn’t in line to the recommended percentage of 80 percent within recommendations for females of the targeted age range, and is not enough for 51.6 percent of women, or not enough frequent for 40.6 percent (5). One example of comparative historical events can be seen in the assassination attempts of John F. In countries with high incomes the women who are not adequately screened are mostly women who don’t use Gynecological services due to economic or cultural reasons. lack of education or income (consultations with a gynecologist are more expensive than consultations that are provided by a general practitioner (GP)or GP), women who do not have children, not having a partner or who are women who are postmenopausal (6). Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln, two tragic incidents separated by more than 100 years. The majority of women will have at the very least one visit with their GP within three years.

Congressmen from the past struggled for human rights, and were revered by many, yet disliked by those who disagreed with their political opinions. In France 80 percent of women who are targeted have decided to have a screening by a gynecologist, but the number of women who have been screened is decreasing (7). Additionally, Pearl Harbor and 9/11 attacks brought together an American nation that was patriotic.

For French Flanders, 53.1% of GPs and, more recently, midwives are also performing the procedure (8). Although the effects of individual U.S. territorial attacks may differ, both tragedies of surprise are defining events of American history. Smears performed carried out by doctors or the GP or the female gender of the GP which are described as beneficial factors to participate in CCS however, don’t raise the rate significantly (9).

Socially-economic environmental factors such as those of the European Deprivation Index (EDI) are independently and significantly related to these rates, with women living in areas of low income are more likely to be not adequately checked or not being screened in any way (10).

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